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Why Flowers?

Studies show that proximity to plants has profound health benefits for human beings. We all know that a bouquet of flowers can convey appreciation, but research finds that simply being around flowers also reduces stress, enhances concentration, and improves mood.

What We Offer

We work closely with our clients to develop designs that reflect their brand and provide ongoing designs and delivery service that makes it easy to keep their flowers and their office looking top-notch. The schedule is custom depending on your needs, typically weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, as needed

Where Flowers Make An Impact

Lots of our clients choose to have flowers at the front desk, in the lobby, on dining tables, conference rooms and in the restrooms.

Also, once you have a relationship with us it makes sending gifts to staff and special guests a breeze by knowing your preferences and keeping payment info on file.

Professional Event Experts

Discover our event floral services and let us transform your guest’s gatherings with elegance and poise.

We offer a wide range of services and decor for events, including installation and retrieval.

Whether you need a few arrangements or sixty we have you covered.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

LaTerre is the best florist I personally have ever worked with. The painstaking effort that is made in choosing unusual flower varieties and preparing the flowers to extend their beauty and life is unsurpassed. Additionally, LaTerre’s composition and design are outstanding.

I often take photos of the arrangements because they are so stunning. They are affordable, offer prompt weekly delivery and are an excellent company to work with. Most of us at ReFresh now seek out LaTerre for our own personal floral needs and refer our clients to LaTerre daily.

- ReFresh Aesthetic Center

Milwaukee's Premier Florist
Milwaukee's Premier Florist
Milwaukee's Premier Florist

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